11 tips for Photographing Properties live on site(By Whats App)


I’ve been asked by JTECPC to relay live video from the property?

If you are a UK estate agent letting consultant with such questions, you will find this article useful if you read to the end.

The author is an active property industry person who has lived in London, UK, for 15 years and worked in the property industry for a total of 13 years.

Nowadays, in the progression of online viewings, more and more estate agents are relaying properties from regional cities in the UK via Whatsapp or other means, and having videos taken for viewings, rather than the actual tenants going on site.

In the past, some estate agents had a policy of going out of their way to have applicants view the property, as it would be a hassle to actually view the property after signing the contract and dealing with complaints about the differences if the actual tenants did not view the property. However, post-Corona, online previews are now quite widespread and have rather become suspicious of properties that cannot be contracted, online or on video.

The following is a list of 11 points to consider when asking for a photo shoot at that time.

JTEPC applicants are almost never faced with problems in paying rent, as many of them are Japanese government agencies, large Japanese companies and rich people. We hope you will do business with us.

1. When the connection is lost, change to Video recording.

Some properties do not have good smartphone connections. It varies from carrier to carrier. If you lose connection, switch to recording video immediately.

If you are shooting a long video, stop shooting after one to two minutes and shoot again; videos longer than four minutes may not be able to be sent via Whats app or Line.

You will have to upload the video to Youtube once, so it is better to split the video into smaller, shorter videos rather than longer ones.


2 Washer or washer/dryer?

Even unfurnished properties have a washing machine or a washer/dryer. Check which one is available. If you don’t know, ask the landlord or property manager.

If the estate agent is also unsure, send us a still photo of the front panel of the washing machine.JTECPC will look into it.

3 What is the boiler?

Local estate agents are less concerned about hot water heating. Therefore, they are not concerned about the type of boiler.

However, many of our customers are Japanese and often store hot water in the bathtub every day, so they are very concerned.

If it is a tank type, please take a picture of the size.

If it is an instantaneous water heater, photograph its white box.

If hot water is supplied to the entire building, please photograph the pump in the corridor storage.


4 View from balcony, outside window.

Make sure all bedrooms and living rooms have a view. In some cases, you may be asked to install lace curtains.


5 Is there a dishwasher?

Ensure that a dishwasher is present in the kitchen.


6 What is the current tenant’s furniture and what furniture actually remains?

If tenants are present, please ask which desks are theirs and which belong to the landlord.

7 Is there sufficient storage?

There is adequate storage in the bedroom, though. If there are drawers other than those provided, check whether they belong to the landlord or the tenant.


8 Is there somewhere to park bicycles?

Some people like to ride bicycles, so make sure there is bike storage.


9 Where is the waste disposal area?

Waste disposal areas are a fundamental part of property management. Please take photos of these as well.


10 If you have current tenants, ask them about lots of things!

If there are tenants, ask about the amount of internet and utilities they use and what they are like. This can be very useful information for our clients. Please ask.

Talk to tenants.

11 Keep your mobile phone fully charged. Take a charger with you in case of emergency.

If there are more than a few video shoots at first glance, the phone tends to run out of charge. Have a charger ready. If you are worried, a mobile battery is also useful.

Smartphone charge is going to run out during video recording.


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